Vinhomes Star City

Vinhomes Star City


Following the journey to create prosperous symbols all over the country, Vingroup launched: VINHOMES STAR CITY – The first luxurious and luxurious European-style urban area in Thanh Hoa, expected to become a self-symbol proud and destination of the future level of the whole City.

Vinhomes Star City  is the first luxurious and luxurious European-style urban area in Thanh Hoa, which is planned in accordance with the prevailing “city within city” model in the world, including stylish villas. diverse architecture, abundant utility systems and complete infrastructure.

Total project area : 147.5 ha

Development type :

– Single villas

– Duplex villa

– Townhouse 

– The house have a garden

– Shophouse town house

05 sub-zones with 4 architectural styles :

♦ ️ Type: Adjacent House, Garden House, Twin Villa, Single Villa, Shophouse and high-rise housing. 
• Lien Kou House: land area 72; 87.5; 112.5; 144; 160; 180 (m2), facades from 7-9 m 
• Garden houses: land area 100; 220; 225 (m2), façade from 8-10 m 
• Duplex Villa: land area of ​​200 (m2), facade from 10-12 m 
• Single Villa: land area 250; 300; 420; 500 (m2), facades from 12-15 m 
• Shophouse: land area from 72.87; 112.5; 122.5, 140, 157.5 (m2), facade from 7-9m

– Rose zone – French architecture

– Nguyet Que sub-region – Greek architecture

– Orchid area – Greek architecture in the Mediterranean region

– Form Sub-zone – Monaco architecture

– Sunflower area – Italian architecture

Synchronous infrastructure system : Administrative center, commercial area – service, Vinschool inter-level school, Vinmec international clinic … 

Design consultant unit : EDSA – one of the largest architectural corporations in the world from the United States, famous for works such as Florida University, Columbus River City (USA); resorts in Dubai, Japan … In Vietnam, EDSA has been trusted by Vingroup to accompany with big cities such as Vinhomes Central Park (HCMC), Vinhomes Riverside (Hanoi) …


Grasping the trend of pioneering living in the world, Vinhomes urban areas all over the country are planned synchronously with ecological environment and utility service system, synchronous infrastructure, lifestyle style of Upstream community. In Thanh Hoa city, Vinhomes Star City was developed to become a new living standard with a harmonious combination of water, green and convenient space “All-in-one – All in one “.

Bringing together the harmony and sublimation of the famous European architectural works to Thanh Hoa city, the Vinhomes Star City villas are designed in a flawless New Classical style, creating a prosperous and high life. is for future residents.


Vinhomes Star City  is located at the heart of the development center in the heart of Thanh Hoa city:

– 1 contiguous to the main road of the city center: Le Loi boulevard, belonging to Highway 1A – North-South economic axis connecting Thanh Hoa city directly to major cities like Hanoi and Hai Phong. …

– One side adjoins Hung Vuong Avenue on the bypass of National Highway 1A, connecting Thanh Hoa City to neighboring wards and communes

– 1 contiguous to Nam Song Ma boulevard – the central route in the urban development plan, socio-economic infrastructure of Thanh Hoa city

This is the area being developed by the State to become the new political and administrative center of Thanh Hoa city with works to improve urban appearance, social and intellectual infrastructure.

Right in the new administrative center of the city. Thanh Hoa is under construction. 
East borders on South Song Ma Avenue. 
In the south, it borders on Le Loi-Le Hoang Avenue, the 
West is adjacent to the main road 1A. 
North: border with Ben Thuy channel. 
Opposite Big C Thanh Hoa is at Nguyen Hoang intersection and Hung Vuong boulevard, belonging to P. Dong Hai, P. Dong Huong, TP. Thanh Hoa..Vinhomes Starcity – the best choice for a high-class life, upstream, a colorful community, but selected by the convergence essence. Includes 6 utility clusters:



As a modern urban complex, Vinhomes Star City residents will enjoy the comfort system in Vingroup ecosystem, where all needs are perfectly met.

– Beautiful European Avenue With the Statue of Renaissance Style – Highlights of the project.

– Security system, serving 5-star standard

– Dome-style swimming pool

– Vinschool inter-school system system

– Children’s playground, flower truss, miniatures, walkways, jogging track …

– Vinmart sub-landscape, fountain, supermarket system.

& and many other utilities that are the most luxurious 5-star urban area in Thanh Hoa


As a miniature Europe, Vinhomes Star City brings architectural quintessence and proud symbols of Europe to Thanh Hoa city:

Brilliant and lively square, large landscape lake, luxurious lakeside restaurant, large outdoor lawn area, BBQ garden … will soon become a new and attractive destination of the whole city

Europe Boulevard – a vast arterial road in the middle of the urban area built with sculptures and trendy shophouse houses to bring future residents a feeling of walking in Europe right in the heart of Thanh Hoa vibrant.


It is an outstanding upgrade of a commercial townhouse that offers perfect dual functionality – both for business and for living – with a versatile design. The project includes the Vinhomes Star city shophouse apartments divided into distinct sections.

Area of ​​each flexible apartment, with modern architecture And located in the most favorable position in the project, With an area from “87.5m2 -112m2-175m2” Designed from 4.5 to 5.5 floors.

In addition to the uniqueness in architecture, the special advantage of Vinhomes Star Shophouse is located in the adjacent “advantageous” location with busy traffic routes.

As a result, the project benefits not only from its prime location, high class and high real estate value, but also benefits from modern infrastructure and synchronous planning of the whole project.


The Hoa Hong subdivision is the closest area to the major road surface and the administrative center, educational and social facilities invested by the city.

In the Rose subdivision, residents will be immersed in the bustle and prosperity of the magnificent European shopping streets and boulevards – the new future destination of Thanh Hoa residential community.

The French villas at the Hoa Hong subdivision have a luxurious and sophisticated neoclassical architectural language, with strong and contrasting solid shapes that harmonize with the elegant and elegant arched doors, and the typical Mansard roof system. Dazzling flower balconies and elaborate decorative lines create romantic villas and affirm the aesthetic taste of each owner.

Prominent in the heart of Vinhomes Star City, Nguyet Que subdivision possesses a beautiful location, adjacent to the most vibrant area of ​​the project, where the future will be the bustling shopping streets like the middle of Europe. Especially, Nguyet Que subdivision adjacent to the main entrance of the project is the first destination of every Thanh Hoa resident when coming to Vinhomes Star City.


Nguyet Que subdivision has just benefited from the utility landscape from the overall project, which has been designed separately:

Enjoy the utility of public accents and utilities of residents such as: European Boulevard, ecological lake, square, enchantment terrace, flower garden, street-style dome swimming pool, yard Play children, Vinschool, Vinmec clinic …

Create the perfect living environment, the most exciting entertainment center in Thanh Hoa city.


Inspired by the clear Greek architecture with the pillars and fruiting patterns, allocating reasonable functional space and maximizing the advantage of close to ecological nature. The villas and townhouses in Nguyet Que are cleverly interfered with modern style, both meeting the needs of accommodation, and optimizing for business.


A special feature of Nguyet Que subdivision is the lively landscape, reminiscent of famous stone roads like Montmartre Hill (France), Delft old town (Netherlands) …

The commercial streets with all the paved roads form the focal point of trade and entertainment not only of Vinhomes Star City but also attracting residents and visitors to Thanh Hoa.

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