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VinCity Sportia  is a dynamic sports city with the highlight of Southeast Asia’s leading Sports Park and many other new and exciting gadgets.

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VinCity Sportia has a range of large and convenient urban centers such as Singapore Island. And moreover, the project owns large utilities and landscapes of large scale and new as Outdoor Gym Park, large BBQ Park on the basis of green space and diverse water surfaces.

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VinCity Sportia is a dynamic sports city that never sleeps. Besides the highlight is owning the largest Sports Park in Vietnam, VinCity Sportia has full schools, hospitals, trade services. When the city is a city, all the needs of residents from health care to education and entertainment are met.

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Planning by the world’s leading design consultant, EDSA, with a low construction density of nearly 15%, future residents of Active City also enjoy other facilities such as swimming pools, gardens , walkways, with medical facilities, schools at all levels and experience the largest Sports Park in Vietnam

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Owning  Southeast Asia’s leading Sports Park  with more than 1000 training machines 
Possessing more than 200 types of sports grounds 
Owning a civilized living environment full of convenience 
Owning favorable coordinates, on the arterial axis Dai Thang Long Highway of Hanoi Capital 
That is  VinCity Sportia , Dynamic Sports City is planned according to the model of 
Singapore-class city and more of Vingroup.



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VinCity Sportia owns a prime location, just less than 3 km from My Dinh National Convention Center, located on the axis of the middle of Thang Long Avenue in the west of Hanoi. This is considered the golden coordinates for active life. Not only is it a convenient location for residents to move to all sides, this is also the potential to boost the value of real estate.

Non-stop moving, future residents of VinCity Sportia will experience modern transportation with civilized public railway system



When the city is a city,  all the needs of residents from health care to education and entertainment are met . 
Living at  VinCity Sportia  residents are completely assured with the “all-in-one” planning from the Trade Center, the large school system from preschool to high school, Vinmec general hospital, commercial office … to stay at any wherever, residents can unleash “Live – Work – Enjoy”.


Total area : 280ha 
Building density : only 14.7% 
Green land, water surface : 56.5ha

◆ 5 divisions: The Dream, The Power, The Sun, The Hero, the Victory 
◆ Apartment structure: 
+ Apartment 1 area: 30 – 48 m2 
+ Apartment 2 rooms area: 55 – 70m2 
+ Apartment 3 PN Area: 75 – 80m2 
◆ Construction contractor: Hoa Binh, Coteccons. 
◆ Time of commencement: October 2018 
◆ Time of handover: Q4 / 2020 
Development type : 
– Modern apartment 
– School system Diversified from preschool to high school 
– Commercial center 
– General Hospital Vinmec 
– Green space and new park facilities

◆ Utilities: the highlight is the largest GYM park in Vietnam with 1000 exercise machines, BBQ parks, children’s play area, walking paths … 
◆ Construction and completion time: 2018 – 2020 
◆ Average height of each court: 35-39 floors 
◆ Project products: Apartments, commercial townhouses, commercial centers and other service utilities.


PARKING IN THE BIGGEST GYM VIETNAM WITH 1,000 COMPUTERS:  The inner park complex includes dance park, nursing park, aerobic, roller, terrain bike, BBQ park, and landscape lake, canal with Kayak boat area.

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