VinCity Ocean Park  is the first Ocean City in the heart of Hanoi inner city with the emphasis of 6.1ha saltwater lake, large lake center of 24.5 ha with white sandy lakeside lake


VinCity Ocean Park  is of a large and synchronous utility city like Singapore Island. And moreover, the project  owns large utilities and landscapes of large scale and new as Outdoor Gym Park, large BBQ Park on the basis of green space and diverse water surfaces.

  • Project name:  VinCity Ocean Park  (Gia Lam)
  • Project scale:  About 420 ha 
  • Owner: VinGroup Group
  • Legal entity name  : Gia Lam Urban Development and Investment Limited Company 
  • Project location:  Golden land area – Located between Highway 5A and 5B. Located in Da Ton commune – Kieu Ky – Duong Xa and a part of Trâu Qùy town, Gia Lâm district, Hà Nội city.
  • High-rise area:  4 subdivisions: The Park, The River, The Sea, The Lake
  • Approximately:  62 parks and green trees | M ailings tb the building:  19%
  • Sea of ​​saltwater lake:  6.1ha | Air conditioner:  24.5ha 
  • Construction Contractor  : Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company.

The low-rise area has 4 subdivisions: 
+ Sea Star 
Zone + Pearl 
+ Coral Zone + Hai Au Zone


Planning by the world’s leading design consultant, EDSA, with a low construction density of only nearly 19%, future residents of Ocean City will also enjoy other facilities such as swimming pools and playgrounds. , gardens, roads, and medical facilities, schools at all levels, including VinUni University of international standards.



Located at the golden intersection of Gia Lam, with only a few minutes moving through Chuong Duong bridge, Vinh Tuy bridge and Thanh Tri bridge,  VinCity Ocean Park  are great urban areas  that have convenient and quick connections to the areas central area : from the bustling old town; to the new west administrative center of the Capital through a system of large roads, highways …, from the commercial, entertainment, large-scale shopping centers to the crowded residential areas as well as the existing medical – educational facilities.

• 20 minutes to the center of the capital: Hoan Kiem Lake, Old Town, Hanoi Station, etc. 
• 45 Minutes to Noi Bai Airport (30Km of highway) 
• Near major schools such as Agriculture, Business and Technology, … 
• Near big commercial centers such as Big C, AEON Mall, Time City … 
• Near hospitals such as Duc Giang General Hospital, General Hospital Gia Lam, …. 
• Close to Gia Lam gymnasium. 
• 6km from Gia Lam airport. 
• 500m from Co Bi Secondary School. 
• 1km from Cao Ba Quat High School. 
• 2.5km from agricultural university. 
• Owning arterial roads, with modern high-speed systems linking to neighboring provinces in the region

It takes only 30 minutes to move to Noi Bai International Airport,  VinCity Ocean Park  has  a great advantage in transportation , bringing true values ​​to residents. In the future, with the plan of 4 trillion bridges and the number 8 railway before the project, residents of VinCity Ocean Park will be Capital citizens to welcome the trend of using modern public transport in the city. moved on

1.-Pho ---- i-ca-to ---- ng-the ----


Living at  VinCity Ocean Park  residents are fully assured with the “all-in-one” planning from the Trade Center, the large school system from preschool to university, Vinmec general hospital, commercial office … to Everywhere, residents can unleash “Live – Work – Enjoy”.

Total area : 420ha 
Building density : only nearly 19% 
Land for greenery, parks and water surface : 117ha 
Development type : 
– Modern apartment 
– Diverse school system from Preschool to University 
– Center commercial 
– Vinmec General Hospital 
– Comfortable office 
– Green space and trendy living facilities



In all urban areas of VinCity, the Owner always prioritizes the planning of large green campuses such as parks, greenery, regulating lakes or saltwater lakes, etc. This works as “lungs” huge green “to reproduce the positive energy source for residents every day.

  • 6 BBQ parks with about 100 barbecue spots for families on weekends, meeting friends.
  • Outdoor gym park and utility clusters with about 700 gym machines.
  • Large riverside park (The park area)
  • Diverse sports courts system from Tennis, Badminton, Basketball practice …
  • System of dozens of children’s playgrounds, Stadiums, Nursing grasses throughout the project to meet the needs of playing and exercising healthy health.
  • Swimming pool system from 300-1000m2
  • Road and jogging system along the lake

Life at VinCity is always moving constantly with great utilities of a large scale, satisfying all needs of Living – Working – Learning – Fun. From big BBQ parks, great outdoor gym parks, swimming pools, sports stadiums to schools, hospitals or shopping centers, … all are smartly planned by the world’s leading consulting units. like EDSA (USA), West Green (Canada) to bring Singaporean lifestyle to inspire civilized residents.


VinCity Ocean Park  owns a large outdoor gym park for the first time with the system of training machines in the internal parks, with nearly 700 machines of all kinds, 150 sports fields ranging from tennis courts, badminton courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts … with 8 indoor and outdoor resort-style swimming pools


At VinCity, a large-scale children’s playground system is evenly distributed throughout the sub-zones to help residents with safe play and entertainment spaces, immerse themselves in nature to study and explore. and comprehensive development.


At VinCity Ocean Park, the investor planned 6 BBQ parks with 100 barbecue spots for the whole family as a “dreamy” weekend relaxation space for residents. More than 60 children’s playgrounds and a range of active playgrounds and nursing grass, meet the needs of entertainment and healthy health training for family members. Especially, VinCity Ocean Park also owns a Korean-style entertainment complex on the central big lake with the highlight of the water play area, camping picnic area …


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