Sun Grand City Ancora Residence

Sun Grand City Ancora Residence

Apartment complexes, luxury Sun City Grand Residence Ancora is a product of the real estate conglomerate Sun Group, located in residential projects string senior-international standards. The location adjacent to the Red River and adjacent traffic route southeast of Hanoi, Ancora Residence is a berth is ideal for those who need a place of rest and peace, sweeping but not leave environment modern conveniences.


Representing investors: SUN Group
Position: No. 3 Luong Yen, Bach Dang Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha Noi
Apartment: T1, T2, T3
Project Area: 22.304 m2
Development Partners plans project: CallisonRTKL (USA), Darkhorse (Australia), One Landscape (Hong Kong), THAM & WONG (Singapore)
The types of apartments:
2 bedrooms: from 71.9 to 98.1 m2
3 bedrooms: 103.6 – 128.3 m2
4 bedrooms: 141.5 to 155 m2
apartment duplex: 165 to 394.9 m2
Estimated time of completion: quarter IV / 2018


The complex is divided into three large buildings with 25 floors northwest-southeast (T1, T2, T3) includes housing, offices and commercial utility services on 22,304m2 area of ​​the bus station Salary old saddle. From level 1 to level 5 is hundreds of utilities are divided into 20 clusters, including shopping malls, spas, swimming pools, from the 6th floor onwards .. the apartment to reach international standards.

Near the main transportation southeast of Hanoi, within a radius of 1-2km Sun Grand City Ancora Residence is the reputed hospital with a team of experienced doctors as Thanh Nhan Hospital, Friendship Hospital, Hospital Vietnam Duc hospital, .. residents of Sun Grand City Luong Yen just 10 ‘move is accessible to Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter or the bustling entertainment district, parks. Concerns leading to parents is the education that their children receive, the location of the apartment complexes situated in prime location in the center of Hanoi, only 15 ‘drive to arrive some major universities in Hanoi by the circuit main road adjacent living area. Moreover, the investor Sun Group also decided to build condominiums adjacent schools Ancora to provide a favorable environment and bring life full of ideals. Hence

Sun Grand City Ancora Residence

Sun Grand City Ancora Residence

As discussed above, Ancora Residence is a luxury apartment complexes, integrated utility services to residents here can enjoy life class, conveniently within reach. Landscape, surrounded Ancora Residence is hedgerows nature instead of the wall concrete uncouth, ensuring aesthetic could be conditioned, as fresh air, bring not green living space and comfort for the residents here. Step inside the complex, welcomed the residents here are aquatic vegetation with refreshing waterfalls along the promenade relaxation and harmony, combined with the system of restaurants, famous cafes. The commercial center as a shopping center, retail store built right in residential buildings, making life more convenient and comfortable.


Sun Grand City Ancora Residence – a product of Group Sun Group – located adjacent to the Red River with sweeping views of the spacious, promises to be an excellent choice for those who wish to get berths average yen after a long day busy with his career – just as the meaning of the word “Ancora”, meaning “anchor” in Italian.


omerates famous buildings in the world such as: CallisonRTKL (USA), Darkhorse (Australia), One Landscape (Hong Kong) and THAM & WONG (Singapore), so housing quality international standards, ensure both aesthetic, architectural structure and habitat.

Besides, building on the wharf Luong Yen Bus old, combining Sun Grand City is located adjacent to the road Nguyen Khoai alongside trunk roads southeast of Hanoi, along the traffic arteries are as Lo Duc, Kim Niu, Tran Khat Chan extremely convenient for transportation. From the luxury apartment Ancora, just 10 ‘move to Hoan Kiem Lake and 8’ to the area of ​​Old City, busy, other venues such as the Opera House, Vincom Center Ba Trieu, Vietnam-Germany Hospital, along the other famous universities are located within a radius of 1-3km


Resort encapsulated in Luong Yen Sun Grand City include a spa, swimming pools for adults, children pool and pool for panorama child standard. Besides, there are gym, multipurpose room for residents here get healthy life both physically and mentally.



Housing complex, office and utility services senior encapsulated in Apartment Ancora Residence, to help the lives of the residents here become convenient and easier in life busy day now on.

Regional ecological vegetation is built at the entrance to the apartment, creating a green environment, pleasant, and sure noise and dust on the road. Besides the waterfall area and interactive fountain, brings a touch of comfort, relaxation for residents.

Go deep inside the buildings is the system shopping mall with many famous brands, retail store or kiosk services are classified according to different areas, promising to bring convenient life class, meet shopping needs of residents not only here but also visitors.

Gym with quality equipment is arranged in 2 T1 and T3 building, connected to the pool on the 5th floor building T2. Pool area including a children’s pool, pool standards panorama views and relaxing pool to serve the purpose of rest and exercise.





SUN Group in cooperation with Darkhorse unit (Australia) to give shape and optimal direction in the apartments.Representatives Plate Design said: “Design apartments in Sun Grand City – Ancora Residence echoes of a modern, high applicability but still in harmony with the natural surroundings with views Red river, creating an elegant living space, luxury, to meet the needs and expectations of the people of Hanoi when looking settlements “. Design of each apartment has a share in overall points, but also private ones in every detail. Furniture consoles in each apartment has reached international standards, in the production of many well-known brands in the world as Taicera, Bosch, ..   See more about interior fitted in the warm Ancora Residence here.




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