Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort

Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort

Located on an area of 77.843m2 with a prime location on the most beautiful beach of Cat She: Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2 beach – where the beach paradise overlooking the sea, with full view of the scenic mountain and Lan Ha Bay, complex complex resort Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort will bring to customers a sophisticated and emotional experience.

Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort is known as the greenest building in Europe. When the whole building is a forest, the whole building is a flower garden


Owning the most beautiful location of Cat Co beach, Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort is like an endless chorus of mountains – forest – sea, under the hands of talented people. With the enthusiasm and experience of the owner, FLAMINGO Cat Ba promises to become the complex complex of resorts and unique today. The project was officially launched on November 25, 2017 by Flamingo Group.

Cat Co 1 and 2 are the most famous beaches on the island where all visitors to Cat Ba have to visit at least once. Nestled in the mountains, shallow beaches, clear water and white sand is a special privilege of nature for Cat Ba island.

The Flamingo Cat Ba project possesses all three beaches offering the advantage of landscape and scenery. This position will also bring a very competitive advantage when customers choose a stopover on their holiday in Cat Ba.

Feng shui “sand wall fortune”

The Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort project possesses the “landmark” that is the land of solid, fortune fortune. In addition, the location of the project also features feng shui elements in the construction of “Ta Thanh Long, Bach Ho White, Chu Tuoc, post-Huyen Vu.

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Easy traffic

♣ From Hanoi, it takes only 2 hours to get to Cat Ba according to the route

♣ Hanoi – (Highway 5) – Haiphong – Bridge Tan Vu – Ben Cai Vieng – Cat Ba

♣ The Tan Vu Bridge is officially put into operation is a wonderful development conditions for Cat Hai and Cat Ba islands, greatly reducing the travel time of visitors.

♣ The road system on the island has also been improved to make it easier.

Flamingo Cat Ba is not only one of the most prominent projects of the Northern real estate market but also the first choice of customers with high demand for relaxation thanks to convenient connection.

About the Flamingo Group

No stranger to the North market, the name of Flamingo Corporation associated with Flamingo Dai Lai famous project at home and abroad with many great architectural awards, was honored “one of the 10 most beautiful resort gender “. In particular, the Forest In The Sky Dai Lai project – a model for the Flamingo Cat Ba project, has completed roofing and is scheduled to be handed over in 2018.


– Design by Flamingo Group

♣  The greenest building on the planet , covered by tens of thousands of different tree species. Flamingo Cat Ba is a symbol of green architecture – a unique design only available at Flamingo projects.

♣ Criteria for construction: Harmony to nature – Keep the whole landscape for long-term investment benefits . This can be easily seen in the project perspective. From a distance, the buildings like a green forest merged into the patches of Cat Co beach, instead of building but bulky and modern buildings.

♣  Save energy – Protect the environment – Improve health : not only contribute to preserve the beauty of Cat Co but also bring great benefits to the health of the owner for long stay and ownership. long here.

♣ The Flamingo Cat Ba Building is inspired by the image of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon – a symbol of romance and mystery , where emotions sublimate and mark memorable moments.

♣ The project launched into 4 types of apartments: Garden Villa, Sky Villa, Garden House, Sky House


Forest On The Sand praises the perfect beauty of Cat Co beach, where pristine white sand creates a beautiful boundary between sea and land.

  • Construction area: 2,500 m2
  • Number of floors: 17 floors
  • Total business rooms: 340 rooms


Praising the beauty of the blue sea, Forest On The Sea is the pearl of Cat Co coast that can listen to the rhythm of the waves murmuring majestic mountains.

  • Construction area: 1,300 m2
  • Number of floors: 17 floors
  • Total business rooms: 142 rooms


Forest In The Sun is the harmony of soil – sky – clouds – water, for customers to feel the immensity of the sea, with the sky.

  • Construction area: 4,600 m2
  • Number of floors: 16 floors
  • Total business rooms: 208 rooms

Satisfying the need for classy resorts

Towards the upstream segment, every detail in design and service is completed to the highest degree. Flamingo Cat Ba is considered as the intersection of heaven and earth, where can enjoy full sea – sky – non – water harmony in the essence of architectural art.

The trend of owning a second home

With the increasing demand for convalescence and high economic conditions, many people have chosen to own a condominium resort at famous tourist spots for both business and pleasure. Flamingo Cat Ba is the brightest name nowadays when it comes to the type of premium products – unique to investors and owners upstream.

Potential for profitability

Resort / condominium is currently one of the most popular investment channels due to its safety, stability and profitability. Based on the strength of the growing number of tourists and the high demand for luxury resorts, investors can fully trust the value of the Flamingo Cat Ba apartments.

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The real estate pioneer in Cat Ba

Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort is the first 5-star resort on the island, is expected to be the destination of a large number of high-end customers. Not only that, this is also the first condominium resort project, bringing unprecedented investment opportunities.

With the potential of Cat Ba, the island will be a potential new option next to the old market and are showing signs of saturation.

Enjoy many privileges and privileges

Owners of Sky Villas and flats at the project will receive an All In Passport Diamond to experience hundreds of quality amenities at Flamingo Cat Ba, ranging from dining, shopping to entertainment, health care and beauty.


Potential increase in future price

With its unique location at the most popular beach on the island, Flamingo Cat Ba has the advantage that no other projects have. This will ensure the future value of the project and the potential to increase prices certainly when Cat Ba island develops more in tourism.

Known as one of the largest resort development brands in the North, the Flamingo Group has impressed with the scale of “super” utility services at Flamingo Cat Ba. Facilities are also considered one of the most competitive point of Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort with other projects on the island. For the first time, a range of amenities, class and quality are built right inside the resort, providing superior comfort for the guests.

  • Reception area;
  • The culinary center with upscale restaurants serves a variety of cuisines from internationally renowned chefs;
  • Sky Bar, Beach Bar;
  • Oasis Pool, four seasons, infinity;
  • Mall;
  • Boat services, canoes, flyboards;














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